What can Golden Home Real Estate offer you as a property manager?


A “Golden Priority” Property

Property Manager - Service with a Golden Touch  



  1. Advertise and interview potential tenants
  2. Provide written agreement between agent and tenant
  3. Provide monthly statements
  4. Provide annual statements
  5. Advise owner promptly when rental in arrears
  6. Provide a conditions report at the beginning of the tenancy
  7. Inspect the property quarterly
  8. Respond to tenants maintenance issues or emergencies
  9. Arrange an authoritised tradesperson to carry out emergency repairs
  10. Ensure tenants meet their obligations
  11. Collect and hold in trust four weeks bond
  12. Collect and hold in trust two weeks rent in advance
  13. Collect on time and hold in trust ongoing rental payments
  14. Pay the owner all money received less any disbursements
  15. Negotiate on behalf of the Owner rent reviews and extensions
  16. Terminate tenancy agreements
  17. Conditions reports at the end of tenancy
  18. Retain bond if required to pay owner and owed monies for damages or unpaid rent
  19. Report to Commissioner of Tenancy an incident as required
  20. Institute proceedings to recover any monies owed to the owner


Golden Home Real Estate will guide you through the maze of legislation which makes up the Residential Tenancy Act of the Northern Territory.

Property Management fees on application

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